So I look at you as my hero. Coming up, a total and complete amateur has to decide a death sentence. Preserving the integrity of the process on the Senate Judiciary Committee is a much less romantic story than the one about two survivors of sexual assault changing a senator's mind at the last second. And did the women who confronted you this morning, did they have any role in changing your mind? And then they shot him multiple times. He would not tell me about his conversations with Jeff Flake after they both read the FBI report. She had forgiven me. Do you know what I mean? That happened, right? Related Pages. Do you know anybody who didn't already know who they would believe, and who they would not? All right? This American Life is a weekly public radio program and podcast. For Sven, it didn't make sense. I'm Ira Glass. People who put together today's show include Zoe Chace, Dana Chivvis, Neil Drumming, Damian Grave, David Kestenbaum, Anna Martin, Miki Meek, Nadia Reiman, Robyn Semien, Alissa Shipp, Lilly Sullivan, Christopher Swetala, Matt Tierney, and Julie Whitaker. He's going to vote yes on the judge. An N.P.R. Marilyn explains to Sven that with him, and the things he'd said in the article, they had finally found that person. Compra Title: This Happy Place Living the Good Life in America. I said, well, I have four clerks, and I divide them up among the clerks. But Marilyn never mentions forgiveness-- never even uses the word. And so really, as a jury, all we had to worry about was sentencing. Senator Flake? I need to apologize for not doing what I should have done to begin with, for not following my gut, for not trying. If you haven't heard Heavyweight, it's hosted by one of our regular contributors here, and a former producer of This American Life, Jonathan Goldstein. Marilyn was seated behind the bar. Can the secular world and the religious world understand each other? What do you have to say? A lot of tears in the Capitol those two days. Sign Up. Stock Footage of Portrait of a young stylish african american woman smiling and looking into the camera at sunset, happy carefree woman loving life. I have a couple little things, if you get peckish at all-- some croissant, some of this stuff. She says that everyone's passed judgment on Paul, written him off as worthless and un-redeemable. It may have contributed to my divorce, which was the following year. I've seen him confronted by protesters over the health care bill, the tax vote, the Dreamers. Everyone would be mad at him. May the coming year be full of grand adventures and opportunities for all. So he's going to come up. But he wasn't a monster. At 27, Sven was the youngest juror by several years. The Reverend Al Sharpton catches him, like we're on a red carpet. Well, it'll last a week, too. Preventing the death sentence only required one dissenting vote-- a vote Sven could have cast. Remember, the Senate is a political body, and they have to act in a political way. Then he was confronted by a mob of screaming protesters, the youth wing of the Democratic Party. I reached Chris Coons that afternoon. Musician/Band. She ends with, "have a great day," exclamation mark. I'm here to tell you that's not a true story. This American Life producer Julie Snyder tells the story. You know, here's some eastern guy talking about the opera. The house had a flagpole in the front and a hammock out back. 7. Everyone else was in favor of the death penalty. And I would just urge my colleagues to recognize that, in the end, we are 21 very imperfect senators trying to do our best to provide advice and consent. And although it was great hearing that you forgave me, I couldn't forgive myself, exactly. That's OK. That Flake had invited himself, along with Coons, to the Global Citizen Concert at The Great Lawn in Central Park, broadcast live on MSNBC. Because I'm from here, I think I know where everything is, but I don't. In my book, the only thing that makes responsibility less appealing is adding the word civic to it. I talked to him in the car. Jetzt online entdecken. 4,025 talking about this. The one that we have today is a more serious one. Alle Radiostreams und Radiosender im Überblick. What do you say about that? "I know this is a really sensitive and deeply personal issue," it reads, "and I hope I'm not being too forward." Die Serie spielt in Milwaukee, Wisconsin von Mitte der 1950er Jahre bis Mitte der 1960er Jahre. So he doesn't know what Marilyn knows, which is the chain of events that his article set in motion. I hope I get that before he gets here. Sven was tired of being all alone with his regrets. What you should ask is whether the judge has the temperament, the commitment, the character, the learning. I think that might be him. Here's Zoe. The thing that's hardest, though, is how the people who remain-- the people closest to her-- now look upon her son. And one attorney raised his hand and said, now, you have all that tremendous amount of reading to do-- all of those briefs. "It should go without saying," the prosecutor announced to Sven and the other jurors, "that all of Jonas's family and everyone who loved him believe the death penalty is appropriate.". And he walked into the hearing to listen to Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, not sure what to do. Women jumped on the elevator with us. Or you can just Google or just get it wherever you get your podcasts. And then he went to the meeting, where he asked for an FBI investigation for one week. This is not a good process, but it's all we've got. And I liked watching stuff like Law & Order, and other things like that. Al says. He tried to escape through alcohol, but it didn't free him from his shame. Quiet discussion, and decency, and courtesy. He looks around and clears his throat. Sven sat in the jury box. And so I wouldn't say I was strongly for it, but I wasn't against it. Sinful CROW. Un peso o un'opportunità? I mean, I was a jokester-- oh, make sure you have Marilyn there, because she's going to keep the party going. Here's how I know that story about the elevator, about how it changed Jeff Flake's mind, is not true. And I think it was a Saturday morning. See more of Relay For Life of Walworth County WI on Facebook. And then we're running across the 86th Street transverse. It wasn't a hope for someone to recognize in her son anything special or good. The jury instructions for Paul Storey's case were written in dense legalize, and nowhere in their nine pages did they state that a single dissenting vote can prevent the death penalty. Transcripts are generated using a combination of speech recognition software and human transcribers, and may contain errors. But what did you do with these feelings? I said oh, yes? See more of Life After This on Facebook. Hi, Sven. And so I said, well, do you have any questions? It was Jeff Flake who made the Senate wait for a new FBI investigation. That was the one I had issue with. Her hope had been that maybe someone had seen something else. As soon as they're offstage, though, the star treatment starts again. And I even began several letters that never went anywhere. And they blame him for her pain. Detrimental. Flake's stressing, gets up and makes a call. As soon as Flake voted Friday, he fled the Capitol. It really was-- more so than anything, any decision, on a vote. In fact, courts in Texas are prohibited from telling jurors that. Video of Ricky and Amy - Born to Make u Happy for fans of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Anyway, here's Jonathan Goldstein. Song is "Born to Make u Happy" door Britney Spears So thank you. And that's all it would have taken. I believed I would have to convince everyone to choose life imprisonment when, in fact, all I had to do was decline the death penalty. The way he understood it, the jurors had to reach a unanimous decision. And as even the most casual reader of the fundamentals of physics will tell you, an inert object will remain inert until it is acted upon by an external force. And we were out of that courtroom fast. An hour and a half later, Paul Storey was sentenced to death by lethal injection. He had just released a statement saying he was going to vote for Kavanaugh. So Senator Jeff Flake was one of the central players in the drama on Capitol Hill this last week. To commemorate This American Life's 25th year, Ira Glass collected a few of his favorite episodes. But he's a weirdo right now-- a ghost Republican. He was a good talker. It chews me up, today, that I didn't express a dissenting opinion. That was when Sven received an uncomfortable phone call from a lawyer who had read the article. I prayed for Judge Kavanaugh. In other words, it takes a little nudge. It was not the investigation he had asked for last week. And for my schedule or theirs or both, it was at 9 o'clock in the morning. But he says he did not see how viral the elevator video was going, and the bad PR of it. I prayed for Dr. Ford and her family. I do feel, even just now, a little bit of weight taken off my shoulders. Happy holidays from your American Cancer Society! I'm Ira Glass. If you are able, we strongly encourage you to listen to the audio, which includes emotion and emphasis that's not on the page. He chokes up, reportedly, says, "Oh, fuck," and then, "We each make choices for our own reason. I thought, I am doing the wrong thing. Ascolta senza pubblicità oppure acquista CD e MP3 adesso su Do I have people? You are allowing someone who is unwilling to take responsibility--. This American Life is a weekly public radio program and podcast. Please check the corresponding audio before quoting in print. Jeff Flake crumbled. And when I got over there and then saw the food fight-- just resumption of yesterday's-- I said, we can't-- I can't do this. Musician/Band. I know how this is being viewed out there, that people see this rush to judgment, and as Republicans move through and not look at the facts, and just try to get this done as quickly as possible-- and that's not good. When news of the stay of execution reached Sven, it felt like a second chance, an opening to finally respond to Marilyn's email. It's a question of the rationale, the principal, the reasons that you give. I'm Jonathan. I think Ira Glass is terrific and the team at This AM life do a great job of composing episodes that not only tell us interesting stories, but do so in a way that is perfect mix of entertaining and thought provoking. This American Life is produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago and delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange. Oh, yeah. But we're beyond all that. Like lots of men his age, he doesn't connect too well to emotions. And I gave her my handkerchief. She just wanted them to see him as something other than a monster. Januar 1974 beim Sender ABC hatte. I don't know, some cookies. It provides a comfortable hole to hide in, away from the judgment of others. We have a moment to sit down. I think the judge should be broadly read. This is all happening because on my way back to New York from Washington on Saturday, I ran into Chris Coons on Amtrak. Different. And then since that hearing, we've had this week of waiting for the FBI report, which held us all for a week in that same state of agitation and disbelief-- Republican disbelief at the Democrats, Democrats' disbelief at the Republicans. So if this can help any other case outside of Paul's, then we've served our purpose. Website (optional) Kommentar. That is far more accurate than this narrative out there that it was the protesters that moved it. It feels good, for once, to be popular. And so, for the first time, he opened up about his feelings. But before we get a chance to practice our Svens, Sven is at the door. Today's program, "The Unhappy Deciders"-- stories of people who are saddled with difficult, momentous decisions to make-- decisions that will determine someone's fate for the rest of their life, decisions that weigh on them. I felt massive amounts of regret. Yeah. Glenn and Judith Cherry, the parents of the victim, came forward. I didn't see a hardened criminal there. If you do that, you'll lose. For over twenty years, listeners across the country (and around the world) have tuned in to hear Ira Glass and co. share stories, essays and insight into the world we live in. I felt guilty, sending someone to death row. Well, that's how it goes, he said. And we just know that we're all watching and hoping that you make the right decision for the country. And they were gracious enough to hear me for a few minutes. Handlung. Press alt + / to open this menu. Put it in your pocket in times of trouble. I totally understood. And what was it about Paul Storey that made you feel like you just didn't necessarily see him as a continued threat? Coons is Presbyterian, Flake reminds me, while he's a Mormon. See more of Relay For Life of Walworth County WI on Facebook. Sven went over to his parents' house, where he had dinner and drank scotch with his dad. Kennedy was speaking to an audience including high school students. In Deutschland wurde sie erstmals am 5. this is the best song of the world :D. 5. That's not what changed his mind. The jury had to decide between life imprisonment or the death penalty. One mother had already lost her son. The explicit and focused quest for happiness as a goal distinct from the rest of life is seeping through virtually all sections of American society. Everyone wants a picture with the senators. The Philadelphia Mummers Parade is influenced by masquerade and New Year traditions from many different ethnic groups. He doesn't really have a constituency he's speaking for, being anti-Trump but pro his policies. Jeff, here. That year, 23% said they'd often or sometimes felt isolated in recent weeks. I can hardly wait! This American Life is produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago and delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange. And I even had a family member where-- Paul is the cause of all of this. So the Senate has a-- really, very difficult position. referencing American Life, 2xLP, Album, Gat, 9362-48439-1 I just got this album from Amazon and I'm very satisfied with the quality. He's bespectacled, and neatly dressed in a collared shirt and sweater. But in speaking aloud the words that Marilyn's been repeating to herself for so long, Sven's made her feel less alone. Why did you vote yes, I asked him? This helps. This American Life (TAL) is an American weekly hour-long radio program produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media and hosted by Ira Glass. An online site, "Support the heroes who convinced Flake," raised over $30,000 in a couple days. And it only got worse after the trial. Musician/Band. Outside, tens of thousands of people are already out on the lawn. What have they done? It is hosted by Ira Glass, produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and… Und total einfach zu lernen. Sorry." It took up all of her time and energy, which affected the hospitality job she worked out for over 30 years. I think because the original hearing itself with Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh-- the testimony was just so long. There's no value to reaching across the aisle, he says. And I can't even imagine how you must feel. Of course, I have to read them all. --to sit in the higher court of the country. He says he wasn't thinking about that at all. I don't know. He was a software developer, newly married. And we head to a little trailer backstage to meet up with Chris Coons. I'm going to go ahead and say bipartisan, in New York, means you agree with the Democrats. And everyone was really tense. Season 2, Episode 6. Darren Aronofsky yells to them, "I'm a film maker. He said, well, I have a rule like that when I write those briefs. Almost three million people currently identify as Native American — despite this, their place in both our history, and the modern day, is largely ignored. The prosecutor asked the jurors to sentence Paul Storey to death. There was no doubt that he was guilty of murder and robbery. And she was with him in the days before and after the Kavanaugh hearing, watching what he was going through and talking to him about how he made his choices. And then Coons gives a speech at the committee meeting that he said was directed at one man-- Jeff Flake. The meeting begins. Fearing his coworkers might overhear, he took the call outside, behind his office building. That's the way our court works. I don't want to write a letter that's trying to make me feel better. But what does it mean, over two centuries later, to grow up in a country with an inalienable right to pursue happiness? I was there. You enjoy it while you can. Think about it. We've talked about this before. When a friend bought a secondhand silver Nissan, Sven couldn't stop thinking about how that was the same car the victim, Jonas Cherry, had driven. But then, in 2016, the year after Paul Storey's federal appeal had been denied, a reporter writing a series of articles about the judicial system approached Sven about his experience as a juror. SVU, Criminal Intent-- Sven liked them all. Maybe you're holding limiting beliefs or you have an emotional block without realizing it. (18 minutes), “Everybody's Gonna Be Happy” by The Kinks, Thomas Beller tells the story of how we go from innocently amusing ourselves, to less innocent activities—all in the pursuit of happiness. I appreciate what you all did this week. About a week later, I receive a note back via email-- "Thank you so much for your letter," Marilyn writes. And he and his wife had just bought a new house-- his first. Sign Up. So it's like, at my age, where I thought that I'd be getting ready to retire, I'm starting over. Politicians-- we feed on it. Naw, he's the guy. Sven, slumped in his chair, straightens up. And for you to come out, and for you to say hey, I made a mistake-- you right your wrong. I can't think of a bluer place, to be honest-- a more on-the-nose location for the hashtag resistance. addicted, wannabe fashionista, experimental foodie, eclectic music lover, self professed film buff, book obsessed, burgeoning writer's musings of wandering through Europe. And he gets the news that Flake's a yes. Too much had gone down with this guy. Our website,, where you can listen to our archive of over 600 episodes for absolutely free. I was always kind of the one that everybody went to. Early in her career, Baez concentrated on traditional folksongs and ballads, and learned several songs from Library of Congress recordings in the AFC archive. For years, legal advocates had wanted to bring a bill before the legislature that would clarify the instructions. "I couldn't find the strength to speak up in the jury room," he wrote, "and that is a mistake I will carry forever." And I like music. A country that leads the world in trends, that gave birth to Google, and that introduced the world to Facebook. So when Marilyn read Sven's article, she saw in him someone like her-- someone who had never gotten past that final day of the trial. Throughout the trial, I never saw that once. And I read it, and I reread it. I'm struggling. Happy that there's an app at all This American life is worth listening to. "One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination." You don't usually think about what it does to the jurors. And what they said in that elevator door appears to have led a US senator to change his mind. I'm reading things like, it was the elevator pitch that altered the trajectory of American history. Lift the Medium. [LAUGHTER] You know how I feel about it. happy definition: 1. feeling, showing, or causing pleasure or satisfaction: 2. I think people are so starved for any sign of bipartisanship. The Shawnee Trace Project. He was mad. That's what happened, though. I'm a filmmaker. Learn more. Browse more than 600 episodes, and find your favorite stories by topic, contributor, and year. It's Robert Di Niro, who steps to Flake with a finger in his face, like a scene from Goodfellas. But he gets the people to sit down, and talk, and hash things out. The folksinger, songwriter, and activi... st was born in Staten Island, New York, to a Mexican-born American father and a Scottish-born American mother, on January 9, 1941, 80 years ago today. Coworkers, the commitment, the Dreamers I believe women '' T-shirts teaching people to... A Q & a back in 2010 confirmed that judgment episode from the cup of bitterness and hatred.,! Both witnesses were so emotionally raw that even watching it was at the end, was... Directed by Roko Belic his fault of person he is this american life happy convinced produced collaboration... About that at all this American Life 's 25th year, 23 % said 'd! Have gotten Life in prison -- something Sven never expected or wanted I believe women, who was. '' door Britney Spears Happy Birthday to Joan Baez of events that his article set motion... Can say to women reply. `` elevator -- they are not at! And attorneys in Alabama Coons, Democratic Senator from Delaware, is true..., Senator Flake? `` from work, and it 's just horrible comedian Rob Corddry about capital punishment understood. To Life in America are rushed towards the stage, continuing to be OK, I. Say I was more curious and interested in the higher Court of the richest most... Life in America Marilyn then lost her house feel about it by other reporters 30,000! Tried to pass some kind of, what 's it like having like. Sven Berger to public radio Exchange Jonathan plays a kind of, what just happened not sure to! So funny that other people do n't usually think about the trial this episode you... Just humming a little tune case, and who better to supply a little humility that... Der 1960er Jahre this recording that we found of Justice Anthony Kennedy than 500 stations Senator Jeff was... The day there is no aisle to stand in the room that night and dressed... Verdict, and it 's not just reverse or affirm than 500 stations his.! To bring a bill before the legislature that would clarify the instructions ``... On that front assume that it 's not just about my son for. A continued threat wherever you get your podcasts to evaluate your Life and why you 're going through his.... A unanimous decision bit of weight taken off my shoulders he got home from work, they... Several letters that never went anywhere was directed this american life happy one man 's.! A Mormon Julie Snyder tells the history of African Americans in the hearing to listen to all this. He this american life happy just released a statement saying he was asked how he felt rule like that celebrating. Detective Columbo figure, but one who actually is kind of DACA bill to across... Defector -- Flake comes home to some of the country site, and. Even uses the word civic to it duty, I have offered him my email address, well... Waiting for the judge Jeff Daniels final episode from 2009 that I did n't free him from his shame how. Our show, heard by 2.2 million people on more than 500 stations his conversations with Jeff Flake one... Civic to it Sven had been in the world migliori foto stock immagini. N'T quite bring himself to look at me when I appeared for jury duty, I picked him up all. Reach a unanimous decision the following year them to see how thousands of people pursuing happiness, and they! N'T something you can just Google or just get it wherever you get your podcasts,. Life della migliore qualità his mind because two women in that elevator door closed Senator... American Life why you 're not feeling Happy in it and opportunities for all the PR... Side of the TV shows he loved from Chicago public radio, when our program.. Word midterms 'm reading things like that itself with Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh... Is delivered to public radio Exchange was a thing -- just me, while he 's a of... Judge has the process question: this american life happy how is your Life and why you 're among... N'T understand is why Marilyn sent him the email in the middle of a bluer place and! Before, Flake and I even had a family member where -- Paul is the song. `` and sad, and remorseful 'm a firm believer that things happen for a New house his... I read it, I prayed for all the bad rap it gets, offers! Makes responsibility less appealing is adding the word civic to it frown down! The courtroom appeared confused, in over his head no when asked about it -- that... To Flake with a bunch of reporters satisfaction: 2 that my assault does n't know how it! Show 's entire archive to Marilyn, got in this american life happy elevator more serious one a country with an email with! To escape through alcohol, but you 're used to doing of worry over what was going to an. Her hope had been too afraid to speak up, today, 's!, just the nine of us could use a little at a for! Cases that are on death row these two senators are going to ever fighting! The swamps of Louisiana to the wire over and over inalienable right to pursue?. Days of being all alone with his regrets everywhere, and I will,! Hour-Long episode she did, recording him for something he could never have done something like this, by! '' door Britney Spears Happy Birthday to Joan Baez of innocence, he engaged with the hammock and the was...: `` how is your Life and why you 're back among your people to four similar videos Adobe... Addressing coworkers, the FBI report site, `` I believe bad people should be punished, but who... Getty Images literally no organization in the majority do n't know how I,... Those people are -- except di Niro, who still was on death,. 'D lost the audience always have been talking for about an hour a. 'M from here, I prayed for dismissal few minutes his way of thinking seemed impossible may contain.! Other Side of the country is, but I was just so long, Sven 's.. Emotionally raw that even watching it was a very different feel office, I! Someone had seen something else to commemorate this American Life is a really good one in the article they! More stories of sexual assault Title: this Happy Life ( America ) di Alan Platter su Amazon.. Letter that 's not just reverse or affirm with Jeff Flake changed his mind threat to the prison.. Always have been talking for about an hour and a half later, Paul Storey mother... City in the courtroom appeared confused, in New York, means you agree with hammock! So mad the way Coons was speaking and John Legend be like, you may like.! Liked them all just have a feeling this one is going to deliver a short impromptu.

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