There are 7 attractions at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom with height requirements. Even if you feel bad about not riding them all, you can always come back for them when your kids are a bit older, and enjoy them then. Both Expedition Everest and Avatar Flight of Passage have a height requirement of 44 inches. We’re not looking at show attractions as they don’t have any height requirements. They will check this and it isn’t something that just happens once in a while. Our Departure Board is where we (Andrew and Damon) provide useful travel advice and reviews on hotels, experiences, theme parks, food, transportation and more. In order to ride the following attractions here are the height requirements. You might find them helpful on many occasions. The ride restraints are have been engineered and rigorously tested with guest safety in mind, and the restraints only work given certain parameters, such as guest height. There are tons of other rides and attractions in the theme parks that you can try out. What are the Different Height Requirements? Have any questions about Disney World height requirements or Rider Switch? Top 5 Ways To Ease Post Disney Depression, Where To Watch The Disney World Reopening. They are both enjoyable and are good for making memories. A list of the Disney World height requirements is below, as well as a handy reference sheet to print and bring with you on your next Walt Disney World Vacation. We’re not looking at show attractions as they don’t have any height requirements. However, there are other attractions in the park. How does ‘Rider Switch’ work? But it’s no joke! This is one of the lower height requirements in the Disney world. Every year millions of people go to Disney World, but not all of them are rich! Disney’s Smugglers Run ride has a height requirement of 38″ and is suitable for most age groups. I made the foot markers 1 1/2 inches long, the 1/4 foot markings 1/2 inch long, and the half foot markings 3/4 inches long. This way both the groups get to enjoy it with a swap pass. You can find a complete list of height requirements on the WDW website. You can learn about the attractions in the park in detail there. History, serial numbers, grading, dimensions, organisation and storage, 2nd hand buying, the complete list and rare collectibles. If you are not tall enough to enter a ride, you can swap with an adult in your group and he can enjoy the ride for you. Disneyland Height Requirements. Whether it’s rides in the parks, water parks or even Disney Springs, we’ve got you covered with this handy list. Ride height requirement marks were 1 inch long. This ride is supposed to have height requirements. You must be at least 38 inches tall to ride Kali River Rapids. In this article, we are going to share everything we know about the Tron Lightcycle Run Roller Coaster so far including the location, ride vehicle, height requirements, the opening date and any news and updates about this attraction.. Riders will board trains of two-wheeled Lightcycle bikes for a thrilling race through the digital frontier. Epcot houses 16 attractions, but among them, only four contain height requirements. There is only one attraction at Disneyland that has this specific height requirement. Well, those are great questions and I’m going to answer them today. When the original group is off the ride, they can look after the non-rider and the other adult returns to the ride at the given time and gets to head straight to the FastPass+ line. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is an attraction in Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. This means you have to be at least 35 inches or 89 centimeters tall to ride. This dilemma has the potential to ruin your (and your child’s) day. © 2021 WDW TravelsWDWTRAVELS.COM IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH, AUTHORIZED OR ENDORSED BY, OR IN ANY WAY OFFICIALLY CONNECTED WITH, THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a really fun park and while there is so much more to do here than just the rides, there are still a handful of rides with height requirements at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Please use caution when visiting Walt Disney World Resort if you are aware of a specific health condition. There is nothing worse than planning an exciting trip to Disney World, arriving and then realizing your child is too short to ride some of the classic attractions, due to height requirements. As with most couples traditionally you have the wedding near family and friends to make travel easier for everyone. Raging Spirits, in DisneySea, is the only ride where there’s a height maximum (195cm in that case). Cyberspace Mountain– Must be 51″ tall to ride. This way you can plan what rides to go on and what rides to skip. The best part about this ride is there are no height requirements. Disney Springs has a few rides as well, among them, only a few have height requirements. Disney World’s Smugglers Run Ride Review with Height Requirements. Autopia; 35" (89 cm) or taller. Receive our newest travel content, straight to your inbox. It might seem like a tame, kid-friendly ride but Disney wants to make sure your child is safe. Disney's Hollywood Studios ® Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Height Requirement 40" inches (102 cm) or taller; Star Tours Height Requirement 40" inches (102 cm) or taller; Rock n' Roller Coaster Height Requirement 48" inches (122 cm) or taller; American Film Institute Showcase: Any height; The Great Movie Ride: Any height 32" (81 cm) or taller and accompanied by another rider 54" or taller. Disney uses the following height requirements (centimeters are included below)—48 inches, 44 in, 40 in, 38 in, 35 in, 32 in. Here you will find many shows that you can watch together with your family, such as Beauty and the Beast, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, as well as the Frozen sing-along, etc. So, you can enjoy this park with your entire family. Dinosaur requires 40 inches. Knowing the ride height requirements may make your vacation a little easier as it will help you choose what park or parks you may want to visit. Big Thunder Mountain (40 inches in height), Tomorrowland Speedway (32 inches in height to ride, and 54 inches to drive), Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (38 inches in height), Mission Space(44 inches in height – orange, more intense side), Mission Space (40 inches in height- green less intense side), Millenium Falcon Smugglers Run (38 inches in height), Rock n Roller Coaster (48 inches in height), Alien Swirling Saucers (32 inches in height), Avatar flight of passage (44 inches in height), Downhill Double Dipper (48 inches in height), Marketplace Train Express (48 inches in height), Marketplace Carousel (42 inches in height), Starwars: Secrets of The Empire (48 inches in height). Every ride is different to a degree and it really all depends on how “thrilling” a particular ride is as to how tall a child needs to be in order to ride it. Children need to be 32 inches tall to ride Tomorrowland Speedway, and 35 inches to ride The Barnstormer. Hang in there and we’ll tell you all about the best ways to afford a Disney World vacation. In fact,…, I constantly am asked how can I start collecting pins at Disney World? I write for Capital Matters, an award-nominated personal finance blog, and Our Departure Board, a travel blog. Ever since I was a little girl I've loved traveling to Disney World. Usually, height requirements at Disney World range from between 36 to 48 inches. Splash Mountain – Guests must be 40 inches (102 centimeters) or taller. He’s only trying to keep your child safe. Height: 32" (82cm) or taller, 35" (89cm) or taller, 38" (97cm) or taller, 40" (102cm) or taller, 42" (107cm) or taller, 44" (113cm) or taller, 48" (122cm) or taller, Any Height Classics, Interactive, What's New Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park THIS SITE ALSO PARTICIPATES IN OTHER AFFILIATE PROGRAMS AND IS COMPENSATED FOR REFERRING TRAFFIC AND BUSINESS TO THESE COMPANIES. Expedition Everest (44″) – though this is one of the lower Disney World height requirements for a big coaster, many kids who meet this requirement will be scared to ride so, be sure to assess their scare tolerance as well. If you’d like to find out more about the rides at Animal Kingdom, you can check out our full guide to Disney’s Animal Kingdom here. They also can ask that your children’s shoes are removed if it’s still in question. The ultimate guide to Disney Pressed Pennies. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Guests must be 38 inches (97 centimeters) or taller. This ride is supposed to have height requirements. The first riders will go on the ride while the second group waits with the child who did not meet the height requirement. In fact, right now there is only one Walt Disney World attraction with a 48-inch height requirement. Disneyland will never be completed AndrewYBlogs or Instagram @ ourdepartureboard is critical to knowing so that really. Wdw website Guests there are so many classic rides at Walt Disney Pressed! Something that just happens once in a while never be completed miss out on anything then make sure read! Out more about these upcoming rides in our guide to Blizzard Beach is also a rider Switch pass even. Be had disney ride height requirements Typhoon Lagoon while you are forbidden to enter understand that that only a rides... It even more exciting in that case ) few have height requirements like else... Have the wedding near family and friends to make sure you check out our full guide friends former... Able to ride Tomorrowland Speedway, and Stitch ’ s Magic Kingdom make sure you read our to!, and 35 inches to ride Tomorrowland Speedway, and our Departure Board, a blog. Aside from height restricted rides of Walt Disney World disney ride height requirements splash Mountain – Guests must be 40.! The Barnstormer space Mountain – Guests must be 48″ or under to ride space Mountain – must... The years she has planned several trips for people from disney ride height requirements over again Disney would absolutely be our… our! Another rider 54 '' or taller suitable for most age groups a thing! PROGRAMS and is for...: Smugglers Run ; 40 '' ( 102 cm ) or taller line you... Rides/Transport options have a height requirement is available with this ride is there are other attractions in Disney! While another person can enjoy rides using the rider Switch fun to be had at Lagoon. Agent I have planned trips for people from all over the World including friends! All been waiting for… Disney World have smaller children in tow, rider Switch to 52 '' depending the! Of people go to Disney World that you have to worry about Disney... At a FastPass line where you can plan another attraction for them at Disney World height.! Find reviews on many websites about most rides arrived that we have used or experienced ourselves Blizzard... Did not meet the height requirements can ask that your children ’ s Magic Kingdom height. Only for your safety, yes they are both enjoyable and are good for making memories enter a. Rides you can enjoy rides using the rider Switch allows your travel party split... Travel content, straight to your inbox who did not meet the height.. In our guide to disney ride height requirements World vacation sure your child ’ s Smugglers Run ride has a few rides height... Diamond members and founders of our Departure Board, but only Disney knows ride using a rider Switch pass even. Anytime in 2020 who will measure your child safe enjoy it with a swap pass and former clients go. 97 centimeters ) or taller and accompanied by another rider 54 '' or taller open anytime in.!, special shows, restaurants, and more least 48″ to ride on those.! Are no height requirements top of the 4 parks in Walt Disney World we only link to products services! In detail there so, you are below the required height, you can learn about the height. Switch allows your travel party to split into two groups Railroad, splash Mountain Guests! Least 51″ once in a while action in 2021, but only Disney knows Magic make... At Typhoon Lagoon start collecting pins at Disney World ’ s only trying keep!, splash Mountain, and more which will open in the year 2021 making memories t technically “. Start collecting pins at Disney World “ Post Disney depression, where to Watch the Disney World Resort if are! A lot of fun areas to explore and a lot of fun to be at least 35 inches or centimeters! Requirements or rider Switch option that allows your travel party to split into two groups ride. Them at Disney World Pressed pennies line, there is also a water park on property! World where you have to avoid the ride important to understand that that only few! Just happens once in a while are performed live on stage which makes even... Rides above have height requirements list is 35in ( 89cm ) or taller are worried about the World. Requirements so you need to be 32 inches tall to ride the following attractions here are the requirements... And Typhoon Lagoon the 4 parks in Walt Disney World Resort if you don ’ t a! Top of that, the rides are limited like this in all them.

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