Spanish Impromptu

Spanish Impromptu (Live Mediterranean Session, May 15th, 1994).

1. Alpha Sunset
2. Mas Trardecer
3. Iberian Nocturne / Nocturno Ibérico
4. Sage bush feelings
5. Medite, ¡rráneo!

T.T.: 40.45

All music created and played by Halpern-Cazenave, except 3 (Halpern-Cazenave-Lloyd).

Guill: keyboards, electr. guitar & percussion
Steven: piano
Ronald Lloyd: oboe & percussion

Mixed & Produced by Guill (June 1994)
Cover: Manso Marenco («Taurus») – Design (Javier Cocodríguez)
Management: Tony Montells
Thanks to Nori Rao, Enrique Marín & Tony.

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