Creative nonfiction borrows literary styles and forms to recount actual events and can include biographies and personal essays. Considering my obsession with comics, it would be weird if I didn’t include a graphic memoir. Aug 1, 2015 - Janet's list of literary nonfiction books that are worth adopting in the English classroom. AVAILABLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS GUIDE AND LEARNERS MATERIALS Ready to download | No Ads | No Virus NOTE: ***To download Login first your DepEd email account*** Showing 1 - 36 of 44 products. For middle school students, get the young reader's edition. SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL – ACADEMIC TRACK K to 12 Senior High School Humanities and Social Sciences Strand – Creative Nonfiction February 2014 Page 3 of 7 CONTENT CONTENT STANDARD PERFORMANCE STANDARD LEARNING COMPETENCY CODE c. Literary Journalism/Reportage d. Personal narratives e. Travelogue f. Reflection essay g. True narratives h. That’s often about one chapter.) SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL – ACADEMIC TRACK K to 12 Senior High School Humanities and Social Sciences Strand – Creative Writing/Malikhaing Pagsulat May 2016 Page 2 of 9 CONTENT CONTENT STANDARD PERFORMANCE STANDARD LEARNING COMPETENCY CODE sonnet) -rhyme and meter -metaphor b.2. This book was my first introduction to immersion journalism, a form of creative nonfiction in which a journalist immerses themselves in a world or culture or situation or experience unfamiliar to them in order to tell a story. K to 12 BASIC EDUCATION CURRICULUM. For these students, the story takes on greater meaning because it actually happened to a real person. I want m… The text explains the challenges of African Americans from roughly the 1940s through the 1970s, but makes the information personal through the stories of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden. And if you end up enjoying this one, you’re in luck! Some examples of the things that you will learn from taking this subject include: In acting as the protagonist in this book, and in creating vivid scenes of her own experiences with some pretty questionable dining choices, she creates a work that is as engaging as it is informative. They just happen to be my favorites. And let me hit two of my passion points by choosing one that’s all about food. It’s just so unlike anything else I’ve ever read. Author William Kamkwamba describes his life in Africa in a way that does not make the reader pity him or look down upon the differences in his culture. Both a grief and a medical memoir, this posthumously-published work of creative nonfiction is by a neurosurgeon who was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and forced to reevaluate his purpose in life. Almost eight years ago, Dederer wrote a yoga memoir: Poser. For middle school students, get the young reader's edition. What sets creative nonfiction apart from fiction or poetry?For starters, creative nonfiction is Crabapple recently provided illustrations for Marwan Hisham’s Brothers of the Gun, which just released in May. Highlighting nonfiction for teens is one of my passions. Both a stunt memoir and a food memoir, this is the author’s account of a year spent eating only locally-sourced foods. Senior High School Specialized Subject: Creative Writing Creative Writing is one of the specialized subjects under the academic career track and the HUMSS learning strand. Below, I share 22 of my favorite book-length works of creative nonfiction, works that run the gamut of form and subject matter. Before asking students to analyze nonfiction, I’ve found it helpful to teach them about the reading skills I’ll be asking them to use, and I give them an introduction to informational texts. (Some books are so fascinating that they sell themselves!) ... Creative Nonfiction. They can be strung-together essays or strung-together flash pieces. Along the way, she also meets up with smell scientists, participates in competitions, and delves into the many nuances of flavor. Here are some free short stories to read online. During reading strategies units, I try to incorporate as many high-interest nonfiction articles as possible. No. SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIC TRACK. ThemeXpose In this work of immersive journalism, Bosker leaves her day job behind in order to learn the mysterious ways of the sommelier. Each flash piece packs a delightful punch and, together, they provide a collage-like picture of a life well-lived. To Kill a Mockingbird This lyrical, breathtaking work of prose poetry gave me a glimpse of racism as it is experienced by marginalized populations and, now that I think about it, was probably my gateway drug into the world of lyrical memoirs. As the Commission supports DepEd’s implementation of Senior High School (SHS), it upholds the vision and mission of the K to 12 program, stated in Section 2 of Republic Act 10533, or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, that “every graduate of basic education be an empowered individual, through a program rooted on…the competence to engage in work and be productive, the … Boynton’s book also introduced me to the work of Krakauer, one of the most well-known immersion journalists out there. QuexBook is a mobile learning module patterned on the Department of Education’s K12 Curriculum Guide (DepEd K to 12 CG) designed to enhance … This graphic novel is as detailed in narration as it is in illustration. They are also books and documents that students might actually enjoy reading. See more ideas about nonfiction, literary nonfiction, books. Choose options Quick view. For middle school students, get the young reader's edition. About a long-running search for the Golden State Killer, McNamara weaves in elements of memoir by incorporating the personal tale of her attraction to true crime journalism, and to this crime in particular. One grows up to be a Rhodes Scholar, decorated veteran, White House Fellow, and business leader, while the other ends up a convicted murderer serving a life sentence for a crime he claims he didn't commit. America's efforts to build the atomic bomb, the sabotage of German weapon manufacture, and the Soviets attempts to steal American secrets are woven together in this action packed story.

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