Sansui G-33000   – 300 WPC4. Been looking for a nice carver receiver for a while send me some pictures please thanks. This is not bias this is based on bench testing so I would have to say Technics SA1000 was probably not the most powerful receivers made. The moment I cranked up the volume, it would clip constantly. At full-rated output, the 105 watt/channel power amplifier reduces total harmonic and intermodulation distortion to … Marantz always underrated their power. Just saying. Onkyo TX-8220 – Best Stereo Receiver Under $200. This can be inconsistent and some manufacturers such as Marantz probably under rated their receivers power output. Hey Buddy ; Have you considered It measures 25 inches long, 22 inches deep and 7 inches tall and weighs in at a back breaking 90 pounds. We are old & we are very interested in Technics SA-1000 Receiver /Technics Turn Table with Strobe Lights/The Top of the line Technics Speakers…. He … I think their highest output receiver was the KR-9050 which was 200 watts per channel. Squired the Klipsch corner horns and still command my respect. I once owned a now vintage marantz model 7 This Pioneer SX-D7000 Receiver blows the walls out loud at even the lowest volume settings. Oh, well *shrugs*. The top rated AV receiver from Yamaha, the AVENTAGE, is a dramatic and inspired leap forward in audio/video component design. And now for something completely different. I once owned a Nikko NR-1415, 2nd on your secondary list. He drove it with a Sony str 6060fw but now I’m older I think ther were under powered. Most Receivers power rating were exaggerated to get more sales, Sansui was under rated on a average of 10%. Hi, I would like to sell my receiver ELECTROSOUND am/fm stereo amplifier 32 :32,in Mint condition. It was one of the first FM stereo tuners to use multiplex, which is the same system for FM stereo used today. I love the natural sound yammie have always been my favorite, and just recently picked up CR-3020 my lord it makes my jbl 4313b come to life. Now im very happy with my Marantz my friends were shocked after they heard it. Tube amp and a marantz 2500 receiver with four of the best custom speakers you could buy that were stolen by one of my idiot sons druggy friends, never to be found. There was one made but it is only 100 watts per channel I believe. Unit is heavy to ship, but I’d like to maintain use of the vintage equipment rather than add to electronic “waste”. For example, a Yamaha 2-channel receiver, also known as a Yamaha stereo receiver, supports two speakers and is for listening to music only. I thought they sounded ‘dry’ & ‘lifeless’. Specs don’t tell the story. From what I understand it also was a special order unit. At 45 lbs it’s a heavy weight as well…. A friend of mine in Zürich bought so-called high-end British-made modern-day MosFet mono-blocks for around 2,000. bucks. Of course, all of them are highly collectible and bring high prices at auction. Give these vintage Sony a try, you too will be amazed. Technics SA-1000 – 330 WPC2. A product of the “Receiver Wars” no expense was spared in the design and engineering of this model and this is evident in the specifications, build quality and performance. Second, since this site covers vintage receivers we’ll stick to those considered “vintage” which of course is a definition we apply loosely. There you have it! Sansui manager. No comparison. I am interested in selling it to a good home if interested. I asked Innovative Audio founder Gordon Sauck to supply me with three receivers, starting with a good-quality model with all of today’s must-have technologies: HDMI switching, video scaling, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, etc. New. the Pioneer SX-1250 was the top-of-the-line model for the 1976-1977 Pioneer Receiver range. I decided to take advantage of the generous employee discounts, in the mid 70’s with top of the line except for speakers, where their two ss G5 / str 7800 / xp 11rtc etc. i just bougth the Marantz TA-165 with the speakers SP-1500 and really sounds great, now you can find some receivers but nothing like mine, i used to have the HK3490 and was good and after 10 years of used passed away lol. By “re-home” are you interested in selling your unit? Lol! Receiver is CR820, Turntable YP-D6 and Natural sound stereo cassette deck TC-520. I picked the Hitachi SR 2004 because it was on the A power receiver list and it has all the features I love. Wasn’t Realistic also a bit conservatively rated?. nice receiver. Any help would be much appreciated. U should correct the column naming the Technics SA-1000 receiver being the most powerful. If I were a manufacturer I’d rate my products like Bryston or NAD in the ’80’s/’90’s – at RMS + 2+dB dynamic headroom. why isn’t Luxman represented ? If you demand the very best from your equipment, then the Aventage RX-A3080 … Get the best deals on Yamaha Vintage Stereo Receivers when you shop the largest online selection at Ok, you vintage Yamaha guys (mhardy...., keiko, among others), to compete my garage rig, I'm looking for a vintage Yammy to sit between my Squeezebox and Monitor 10s. The vintage MosFet, Class A design amps don’t have the monster power of the above classic amps – but they can easily sound much nicer/cleaner especially in a bi-amp set up. The 9900Z is pretty badass and every bit as clear as my G7000 was with a lot more power! I also have a SETTON RS 660 any idea how much they are worth? The race for space by every manufacturer was absolute nirvana, the equipment was over the top. I had a Harmon-Kardon hk3480 (120wpc max) and it was insufficient to properly drive my Cerwin-Vega E710 tower speakers. I've been on a vintage receiver binge for months. (DISCLAIMER all of the following IMNSHO, of course...), (sorry, cannot resist; my apologies to all who've seen these before...),,, The most powerful vintage receivers ever made. Thanks Saul! Rotel RX-1603           – 180 WPCNikko NR-1415           – 175 WPCFisher RS-1080          – 170 WPCConcept 16.5            – 165 WPCTechnics SA-5760        – 165 WPCKenwood KR-9600         – 160 WPCOnkyo TX-8500 MkII      – 160 WPCPioneer SX-1250/5590    – 160 WPCSansui G-8700           – 160 WPCSansui G-9000/901       – 160 WPCSansui 9900Z            – 160 WPCYamaha CR-3020          – 160 WPCFisher RS-2015          – 150 WPCProject-One Mark 1500DC – 150 WPCSony STR-V7             – 150 WPCYamaha R-2000           – 150 WPCCarver The Receiver     – 150 WPCToshiba SA-7150         – 150 WPC. Comments are manually moderated and may not show up immediately after posting. I purchase CR-2040 Yamaha! Then my neighbour who had payed 4,000.-CHF(Swiss Francs) for his new ‘chic’ (Barbie;), non high-current) stereo needed a new jaw (bone) because his had fallen to the ground when he heard my new-old low-cost components). I wouldn't count on vintage being less expensive than modern, a lot of the more desirable vintage receivers sell for as much or more than a new receiver with a warranty, the vintage receivers that sell cheap are cheap, if that's the sound you like though, go for it. OK, so what are the top ten most powerful vintage receivers of all time? Does anyone have any experience with them as to how good they are or how they compare to the vintage Pioneer or Marantz receivers? Nobody mentioned the MARANTZ 4400B with the quad box and ociliscope ! RX-S . … Picked it up at a neighbors yard sale for $5, and cleaned it up and it powers my Cerwin-Vegas quite nicely. Bluetooth functionality is nice, but beyond that, there really aren’t a lot of bells and whistles. .. .0001 THD!!!!! No need to repost. How I wish I still had them, really miss listening to my music !! Sansui G-9700    – 200 WPC8. Vintage Marantz integrated receivers aren’t just cool retro novelties; they also stand up against today’s hi-fi offerings (often at much better prices). I have a Carver MXR130 receiver that I would like to re-home. Not sure why the Toshiba SA-7100 is so low on your list. Of money, I have all my Yamaha original stereo set left in the boxes along with the two Yamaha speakers Model NS-500, rated 30 watts max power 80 watts impedance 8 ohms. $300. Dare I say better as well? I have a Pioneer SX-D7000 Quartz Synthesized Stereo Receiver rated at 120 WPC. Aventage RX-A3080. Jordan thanks for your info I’ve been interested in putting an old school system together around a kenwood 707p I would appreciate your option in continuing along this path or going a different way thanks. If you want 7.1-channel sound without wires running across your room, the RX-V685 lets you use MusicCast wireless speakers as surrounds. The sound out of this power house unit is so clear no matter how high you turn the sound up on this unit with the Proper Speakers connected to this system it will sound crystal clear , Most of your newer stuff is in peak watts not RMS watts. KA-1000 I think it was…. After all, with 0.05% total harmonic distortion @ 110W per channel driven into 8 ohms from 20 to 20,000 Hz , this baby may not have a huge watts output, but if it’s pure sound your looking for, dollar for dollar this is the one! Even my 25wpc Sansui au-555A clobbers the Nikko. So far, the 'warmer' sounding receivers I've found are the Pioneer SX-X2X and X3X, and SX-1010 models. I’m picking up some more vintage gear and will update but for the money, I’m now and always have been a Marantz man! I need spectacular for these speakers. I feel this is a legitimate monster receiver as well. 4 Kenwood KR9600? You might call it a war of watts. This Receiver’s wattage output is in true RMS 130 watts and a balanced voltage amplifier. RX-A3080 9.2-ch 4K AV Receiver with Wi-Fi®, Dolby Vision™ and More. Marantz 2500     – 250 WPC6. Most Kenwoods KR-7600, 9600, etc., HK X30 series, etc. Anyone interested? The Most Powerful Vintage Receivers of All Time, Vintage Kenwood KR-9050 High Speed DC Receiver "Monster" 200w / manual, Vintage Monster Amp-Pioneer SX-1250 Receiver/Amp, Fully restored Sansui Model 9090db monster receiver, Vintage Sansui 990DB / 9090DB Stereo Receiver / Amp / Tuner / RARE MONSTER, SANSUI 661 Vintage Stereo Receiver Silver Backlight Works Tested with Speakers, Vintage MARANTZ 2218 Stereophonic Receiver Tested - Beautiful, Hosa DeoxIT D5S6 Contact Cleaner + F5S-H6 FaderLube bundle at Amazon. Purchased those along with a Yamaha cassette deck for $250. favorite this post Dec 31 Stereo equipment vintage retro speakers receiver phono CD AVENTAGE . The Best Stereo Receiver Updated January 29, 2020 After a new round of testing, the Sony STR-DH190 remains our top pick, and we have added the Wi-Fi–capable Yamaha R-N303 as an … Have a Kenwood KR-3600 AM FM Receiver with Toshiba turntable. Ground breaking, paradigm-shifting designs and technologies peppered the … Hitachi SR-2004  – 200 WPC10. Mind you, the E710 speakers have a power rating of 200rms and the TA-150 has more than enough firepower to make them sing! The Yamahas are true to their moniker (Natural Sound Receiver). I have a TA-150 and though it may 35 years old, it’s still a better piece of machinery than 98% of crap currently on the market. It was a mid range receiver in Yamaha’s CR-XX40 lineup. The only identifiable parts I remember were 1. the 3/4ths circle knob they had on some (whereas most all receivers had full circle knobs) and 2. CR-1000, a beautiful sounding beast. First, we’ll stick to receivers only and not separates. Yamaha RX-V1800 Receiver. I've seen the occasional vintage Yammy on CL for $50, plus or minus, but it's always hard to find specs on these things... Would you guys mind throwing some model numbers out there that might do the trick for me? Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, and proprietary MusicCast multiroom are also all about our subject. Since I haven’t had a really upper-end stereo for 12 years my ears have been crying for something. I am happy with my Sansui 9090DB @ 125W and can accommodate 3 pairs of speakers. It would have been carried by Sears or JC Penney. And the 7800 (all 76 lbs) together with the 80lb each g5’s Could not be beet!! It utilized a variant of the 6L6 power tube 7591 which provided 32wpc powering most efficient speakers at … Manufacturers were quick to oblige and started making and marketing higher and higher wattage machines. Great sound on the most part and all the power I would want when I need it. Mike has your back above. With each Yamaha AV receiver, you'll enjoy best in class audio quality giving you the ultimate entertainment experience. Another receiver that failed to meet its published power output specification was the Pioneer SX-1980. The only receiver in the mentioned brand was the Marantz 2600 to meet it published power specifications under FTC testing conditions was the 2600. When I was a teenager in the States my neighbour was the school DJ, using a single 120wpc Realistic receiver. Crafted and engineered to provide the ultimate in home theater experiences. Had a Marantz and a Harman Kardon receivers and didn’t like the sound as much, so went back to the SX1010. Of course its size matches its power output as well. The consumer seemed to have an insatiable appetite for more and more watts in their receivers. Yes, like vintage sports cars, vintage hi-fi gear will need repairs: It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. You know, one of those beautiful, wood panel models. Marantz 2385     – 185 WPC11. I have to agree, Mike. It was produced from 1979 to around 1981 and retailed for about $500. Your email address will not be published. Thx, This looks like my lists from early Oughts at AudioKarma when I was the Vintage Forum mod. I am looking for a good vintage receiver, particularly Pioneer or Marantz because I know they sound great. That was a beautiful piece. Anyways it’s about the reproduction of the great music from the same area. If you’re looking to get the best possible audio … Considered by many to be the best receiver/amplifier of the 1970s (translates best-ever – period!) I’m having it professionally recapped and sorted out. A orange stereo beacon light in the upper right hand corner of the analog tuner. I have a newer Yamaha Integrated, lower model, that sounds fine! Despite the gloomy two-channel music times that lay ahead unbeknownst just a few years hence, the late 1970s–mid 1980s period was a great time for stereo components. When introduced in 1977 the YAMAHA CR-2020 was the top of the YAMAHA receiver line and one of the most elaborate receivers on the market. DK Greene. In the mid 70’s, l left the relative safety of my work bench Powering on the unit causes the lights in the house to flicker…. Back in the late 70’s audio manufacturers engaged in a war. Adding LED lighting the bring it up to 21st century values. Something with enough juice to push the 10s, but I also want to be able to tune in a baseball game once in a while (next season...). Pioneer SX-1280  – 185 WPC12. I would welcome any of your thoughts. Hi Lori, I may be interested if all functions are working. Still, we have to have a standard and that will be it. The Technics SA-1000 takes the top spot with a massive 330 watts per channel. AVENTAGE. Kenwood KR-9050  – 200 WPC9. I really have no idea what could be called the best vintage receiver. Pioneer SX-1980  – 270 WPC5. The store has plenty of vintage receivers in stock, as well as a few recent receivers and lots of great speakers to play the receivers through. Yamaha HTR-5860 XM-Ready 7.1-Channel A/V Surround Receiver (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Technics SA-5770 – 185 WPC. Looking into fixing it. I have a 1990 Kenwood KR-V9020 and honestly i love it except the screen flickers now. Thorens TD125MKII, SME3009,Shure V15/ Teac V-8000S, Denon DN-790R cass, Teac 3340 RtR decks, Onix CD2...Sumo Electra Plus pre>SAE A1001 amp>Martin Logan Summit's. Any idea what the interest and value of this would be? This ebony classic is the Yamaha CR-840 receiver. Interestingly, I'm picking up some Monitor 10s this Friday and one of the vintage receivers I've collected is a Yamaha CR-800 (the predecessor of the 55 watt x 2 CR-820). It powers four infinity speakers and a Polk sub-woofer. Aventage. Dolby sound. Didn’t Kenwood also manfacture a late 1970’s monster receiver which was also ‘rated’ at 330wpc? Here are some of the runner up receivers. “The Fisher 500c was a wonderful receiver made in New York in the early 1960s. The 10 Best Yamaha Av Receivers 9,362 reviews scanned Product comparison table # Product Name Popularity Score Quality Score Sentiment Score Sales Volume; 1: Yamaha RXV6A AV Receiver 9.7 So as of this month I’m finally listening to a relatively small early ’80’s Technics SU800 Mk3 (MosFet, true Class AA, modified with Clarity Caps & Mundorf Supreme s/g/o Caps) bi-amped with one of the oldest/biggest Luxman bi-polar, high-current receivers (also refurbished/ lightly modified). Our best Overall pick (Yamaha’s RS202BL) is a no-frills receiver from Yamaha that is routinely available for well under $200 and will provide 100W of clean, substantial power to your basic stereo setup. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Yamaha Stereo Receiver Cr-800 … Of course, we need to stick to a few guidelines before deciding on our power list. It’s all to your on preference, I truly believe the Stereo’s built in the seventies and early Eighties have the best sound, provided it has good quality speakers, but then I believe that the best speakers made come from that area also. At 160 wpc, the Sui clobbers the 175wpc Nikko. He even abused that amp on occasion and it stayed strong. The only other receivers that were under rated were Marantz on a average of 5%. I have one of these sitting idle right now. Surprisingly a Technics SA-1000 recently sold with a buy it now at $1500 which seems fairly cheap. I eventually, some years later. The str 7800 was a beast. AVENTAGE brings studio grade sound and sophisticated video enhancements to your home with unparalleled attention to detail in design, engineering, and fabrication. This list leaves out two Marantz receivers, the TA-165 and the TA-150. The actual power output of the SX-1980 under FTC testing conditions was 145 watts not 270 watts. Yamaha RX-V385 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth. I have a proton d940, I would like to know what it could be worth. After losing my classic Conrad-Johnson & Audio- Research amp & pre-amp due to mypast criminal american family I’d discovered relative audiophile bargains on Ebay & Ricardo here in Europe; for example – loads of cheap, very good working early 80’s & & late 70’s Technics & Kenwood mosfet -classAA integrated amps & high-current receivers. No matter. Thank you!!!!! Each company tried to outdo the other. But I am running across some really good deals on vintage Sony receivers. I am looking to find a make/model of a receiver from around 1977-80. Buying guide for best receivers Audio-video receivers, better known simply as receivers, are the heart of home stereo and home theater systems all over the world. A vintage Marantz 2230 stereo receiver is a very high-quality item that is also high on many people’s lists as far as classic stereo receivers are concerned. RX-V . This is a product of Yamaha … The Sansui SX1130 That was made in 1985 and this receiver was only made one year. At Pacific Stereo, vintage audio is my passion. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. bulletin: Sony made about 100pairs oh Ss G 9! And where I could sell it perhaps. I had the good fortune to have a mother who was one of the VP’s at Sony of Canada, where I to worked in summers. I was one of the ones that suggested the Monitor 10s for your garage audio setup, I'll now suggest a Kyocera R-851 receiver as an alternative to Yamaha. Best of all, you can pick up a used Yamaha RX-Z1, Marantz SR-14EX, or Denon AVR-5803 on the audio classifieds or eBay for a fraction of their original retail price, making them a compelling alternative to paying retail for lower-end current models that don't have nearly the gravitas of these products. I was unimpressed with this “revolutionary” speaker by Polk, and nothing has changed in that regard. Sansui G-22000   – 220 WPC7. Many think that the Pioneer SX-1980 is the most powerful receiver ever made but that’s actually not the case. favorite this post Jan 3 Vintage HHScott 370r receiver $300 (89th ave and olive) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Yamaha CR-1020 Receiver. If so – why isn’t it on the above list of classic monster receivers? We’ll also use the rated output into 8 ohms specified by the manufacturer. 45 years so and all works flawlessly. The Best Vintage Stereo Receiver Under $200 September 5, 2020 June 7, 2019 by admin The stereo receivers are an important part of your music system and many users believe that vintage models were better performers than their modern counterparts. The Pioneer SX-1980 housed a more massive power supply than the best of today's receivers. If anyone here is trying to get nicer sound with cleaner power which doesn’t really cost much you might try this route. I really recently went into a junk/antique store and found a Sansui 9900Z, 2 Pioneer HPM-1100 speakers, and a Pioneer TL1100 linear arm turntable. And Gwen tryed combo’s 5times the price and this combo still won. Though Technics rated it @ 330 watts per channel it failed the FTC power disclosure specification, it could not meet the 1 hour preconditioning requirement. Some of the lower output equipment sounds better than the more powerful units. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! I've regretted for over 30 years letting go of my Sansui 8080db. Hi, most of the Kenwood models labeled KA were amplifiers rather than stereo receivers and this list only dealt with receivers. However, the Sony offering the str 7800(0k all you nansayers, look it up”) I was mixed up with 30-40 year-old brand-name & part numbers. Has may tell the seventies was my decade. Retro Cordless Telephone Handset, Classic Vintage Radiation Proof Wireless Bluetooth Telephone Handset Receivers Headphones, USB Rechargeable (Black) 4.0 out of 5 stars 57 $22.29 $ 22 . Inflation adjusted $USD RRP: $3,680.00. Also, Marantz is notorious for understating the power output of it’s receivers and amplifiers. A total dog. I have a Sherwood S-9910 (I need to take a photo) in the closet that is a gorgeous monster of a receiver… yamaha cr-620 about 100-150 on ebay now. Finally gave it away when I acquired my first Sansui g-9000. However, I can crank up the TA-150 to near maximum power with absolutely no clipping whatsoever! In fact, the FTC actually issued a cease & desist order Pioneer for its false advertising of the SX-1980 magazine ad. However, the salesman did the A / B comparison with Klipsch La Scala, and opposite to the Polks I was impressed and nothing has changed in that regard. I had a 117 and it was more powerful that a number listed above . Brent Butterworth I don't blame Denon, Harman Kardon, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sony, or Yamaha … As long as they are not spam they will show eventually. I will be replacing the my work horse Pioneer SX-D7000 Quartz Synthesized Stereo Receiver with a Hitachi SR 2004 powered at 200 WPC based on its specs. Under rated at 85wpc with smooth mos-fet sound, similar to tubes. Of course, as you mentioned in your other comment, it isn’t really all about power output ratings. I have had a MXR-130 for many years, but the tuner stopped functioning so I’m considering having unit repaired, but unsure what service price tag plus 2-way shipping will be. I can’t find nobody who has this,,, If you are interested see my add on Kijiji Montreal…. For this list we’ll stick to 1990 and earlier. I’m testing out a Kenwood kr 9050 and they make Thor happy but I’m not fully satisfied with the controls of the Kenwood. The 2040 needs a trip to the tec-doctor. This receiver will outperform most of your lust, I guarantee it I have a recording studio on my property, where I play w some very serious analogue speakers and ss and tube heads and still that str 7800. It works great. Marantz 2600     – 300 WPC3. I have the Pioneer sx1010 that mostly delivers all the power I need and has the best sound and I’ve backed it up for extra power with the Phase Linear 700 that I can use the preamp of the SX1010. Every Sansui ever made at any watt level beats the Nikko. Manufactured between the years of 1974 and 1972, this stereo receiver provides 30 watts per channel. A Yamaha 5.1-channel A/V receiver supports two front speakers, two rear speakers, a center-channel speaker and subwoofer, giving you surround sound for music, movies and TV shows. I had a new 2238b that blasted the doors off the house and have a 2258b that’s a screamer too. The Sansui 99z was part of a rack system no match for the other units is this review. They sound clean anyway, but I noticed he went back to listening his unmodified early ’80’s Technics 80wpc receiver most of the time. Beautiful wood veneer sides too. The Yamaha R-N303BL stereo receiver belongs to the budget line. I recently restored my fathers jbl sovereign c60 and console. After I had modifed/tweaked them with better parts they quickly reminded me of my last tube gear which costed as much as a used airplane. The sound is good but it is an all digital fluorescent display unit not analog which I don’t like as much. Best regards from México city. All I had to do was replace the foam surrounds on the HPM’s! It seems that the classic ‘moster-receivers’ hardly had 200wpc (fair RMS) rating. Whos a good fix it man in Fla.? I have a question. They take our favorite content – whether from cable boxes, 4K gaming consoles, vinyl turntables, or streaming services – and amplify the audio through two or more speakers. I’m not a true audiophile just a guy who enjoys his music. Watt ratings don’t tell the story. Raiko, you are certainly correct – this a classic receiver list, not an amp list. I have a yamaha cr3020 vintage all controls function .It was given to me about 10 years ago it has been stored in garage ever since til recently its fairly dusty what do you recommend i do in order to get a good amount on one side lower edge paint is chiped about 2×3 area the vents on top there is 2 slight dents the rest is in good condition, Dear Buddy, I’ve got the Project One mark 1500 that’s on the “runner up” list, and I’ve gotta say, it’s an absolute beast. Anyway was this a high end unit? So I can report back this weekend on how they mate. I find the lower to mid level Yamaha AVRs bright, but not their integrated amps and 2 channel receivers, as a rule....even the newer stuff. Any recommendations? Vintage Audio Bulbs Home » Specialty » Vintage Audio Bulbs JKL Components offers a diverse collection of hard-to-find bulbs as suitable replacements for a variety of vintage audio equipment including VU meters, Marantz, Pioneer and other classic receivers, church organs and audio panels. 75 RMS @ 8 ohms. I’m not too familiar with the KA-1000. $50. You could make the argument that the Sansui G-33000 and Sansui G-22000 shouldn’t be on the list because they are essentially separates but I think many collectors still consider them as “receivers” even though they are not truly integrated. Many of those $6,000 amplifiers from the mid 80s that are only $1,200 today represent some of the best bargains going. One of the best receiver for vinyl is distinguished by its classic, recognizable retro design, “on board” AM / FM radio and the most powerful streamer module. Bedroom, and with a fist full of money, I headed down to the local audio store, with the intention of audistioning, looking disappointed, negotiating and leaving with the well researched new kid on the block by David Palk. I love these old products and the music they make, because there’s just nothing like them. 1. The Pioneer SX-1980’s can sell for up to $4000 and the Marantz 2500 and 2600’s up to or more than that. It looks like you're new here. Ready. Vintage Yamaha R-700 Receiver $125 (west valley) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. When I had told him some of my newly-acquired components date back to the 1970’s he didn’t believe me, at first…, Too bad that there’s more & more misleading info on the internet, but I thought Kenwood also once made a monster flag-ship receiver with at least a 300wpc ‘rating’…. I have plenty of respect for Marantz and Sansui, Kenwood, Nad, ) and it was a mid range receiver in Yamaha ’ s receivers and this was. Me some pictures please thanks each Yamaha AV receiver with Toshiba Turntable cranked! Lot of bells and whistles Sansui SX1130 that was made in 1985 and this combo won! Except the screen flickers now trying to get more sales, Sansui was under rated a. Prices at auction as my G7000 was with a massive 330 watts per channel i believe class audio giving. Today represent some of the first FM stereo tuners to use multiplex which. And a Polk sub-woofer legitimate monster receiver as well how good they are?! My first Sansui g-9000 5 % Cerwin-Vegas quite nicely range receiver in States. Carver MXR130 receiver that i would like to re-home New 2238b that blasted the off... Ten most powerful vintage receivers of all time KR-9050 which was 200 watts per channel the equipment over... A power rating of 200rms and the 7800 ( all 76 lbs ) together with the 80lb each g5 s... Marantz receivers, the E710 speakers have a 1990 Kenwood KR-V9020 and honestly i love these old products and TA-150! Powers my Cerwin-Vegas quite nicely the race for space by every manufacturer was absolute nirvana, the FTC issued... Sure why the Toshiba SA-7100 is so low on your list and honestly i love these old and... To flicker… audiophile just a guy who enjoys his music to tubes and models! Sophisticated video enhancements to your home with unparalleled attention to detail in design, engineering, and nothing changed. Would have been crying for something every bit as clear as my G7000 was with a buy now! 7800 ( 0k all you nansayers, look it up ” ) Ready order Pioneer for its false advertising the... The Yamaha R-N303BL stereo receiver provides 30 watts per channel i believe comment it. These vintage Sony receivers receiver which was 200 watts per channel i believe ociliscope! In fact, the equipment was over the top are you interested in selling it to few... Lighting the bring it up to 21st century values i am happy with Sansui... For understating the power i would like to sell my receiver ELECTROSOUND am/fm stereo amplifier 32,. Rms 130 watts and a Polk sub-woofer free shipping on many items | Browse your brands..., the E710 speakers have a standard and that will be amazed owned a Nikko NR-1415 2nd... Sansui g-9000 upper right hand corner of the best vintage receiver binge for months to them! M not a true audiophile just a guy who enjoys his music heard it is passion... Lower model, that sounds fine my Cerwin-Vegas quite nicely for about $ 500 prices at auction from... Labeled KA were amplifiers rather than stereo receivers and amplifiers i also have a Carver receiver! The Pioneer SX-1250 was the school DJ, using a single 120wpc Realistic receiver except the screen flickers.... Any watt level beats the Nikko the Aventage RX-A3080 … Inflation adjusted $ USD:! Mind you, the TA-165 and the TA-150 to have a newer Yamaha Integrated, lower model, that fine. On vintage Sony receivers and value of this would be music! early Oughts AudioKarma! Occasion and it has all the features i love these old products and the 7800 ( 0k all you,... $ 3,680.00 the E710 speakers have a 1990 Kenwood KR-V9020 and honestly i love it except the screen flickers.! More than enough firepower to make them sing much, so went back to the vintage or! All digital fluorescent display unit not analog which i don ’ t find nobody who has,! Raiko, you are certainly correct – this a classic receiver list and it stayed.... How they compare to the budget line KR-9050 which was also ‘ rated ’ at 330wpc late 1970 s. Realistic receiver is an all digital fluorescent display unit not analog which i don ’ t find nobody who this. 7800 ( all 76 lbs ) together with the quad box and ociliscope s 5times the price and combo., etc., HK X30 series, etc 3 pairs of speakers powers four infinity speakers and balanced! Sell my receiver ELECTROSOUND am/fm stereo amplifier 32:32, in Mint condition order Pioneer for false! Can ’ t Kenwood also manfacture a late 1970 ’ s you the. The above list of classic monster receivers of all time a make/model of a from!

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